Swirlery is a wine bar, tasting room, and retail shop.


About Swirlery Wine Bar

Swirlery is a wine shop, and tasting room located in Orlando Florida.  We focus on providing our community with quality bottles of wine to go or to be enjoyed in the shop as well as wines by the glass, and local brews.   Our community classes offer one a chance to learn about wine in a friendly atmosphere.  We offer warm hospitality, first class service, staff with expertise product knowledge, and a sommelier on the floor to assist in purchases, tastings, and parings.

  • retail wine tasting room
  • craft beer
  • wine education programs
  • event space
  • wine cellar management
  • group and private tastings
  • personalized sommelier service

About the Owner

Melissa J. McAvoy

Melissa J. McAvoy has been an Orlando local since 1998 originally hailing from the Garden State New Jersey.   Influenced heavily by her family this Irish Italian girl started in the hospitality industry at Town Tavern Steak House rolling silverware with her nana in Little Falls NJ.   The next position would be as a busgirl at the age of 14 at a French restaurant in Port St. Lucie FL where her mentorship would begin at Le Brittany.  With a degree from UCF in business administration and a minor in horticulture a well rounded passionate women was molded. She is one of  the promoters of Torque- Florida’s longest running dance music event bringing international talent weekly for 20 years alongside Damian Roman, and Kevin Harrell. In 2013 the summer of wine began with her induction to the court of Master Sommeliers.  She had become a certified sommelier in the spring of 2014, and became an Advanced Sommelier.  Melissa is an active member of her community mentoring sommeliers, and creating a tasting group to further their knowledge.  Swirlery – a wine tasting shop where she can involve the community of Orlando with her love affair of all things wine is 6 years old (Established 2015).

About the Bar Installation

Tim McCloskey

Tim McCloskey (the “wood guy”, designer) is a professional artist who blends the elements of nature with technology ideals. Tim is actually colorblind—his artwork reflects his unique perspective, often focused on the interplay between light, texture and dimension.

“Most of the installation at Swirlery was based on Melissa and Damian’s faith that it would turn out decent. They let me run with it, and I’m pretty pleased now to sit back, sip on a good wine, and gaze at the wall. The wood at Swirlery has some interesting stories, feel free to ask when you pop in.”

Tim has resided in the downtown south neighborhood since 2004. You can see more of his work at artstallations.com